You would like to know what the diagnostics function is and how it can help you?

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Diagnostics – Do in-depth diagnostics of your car electronics!

  • Find and erase manufacturer-specific fault codes
  • Full text descriptions for BMW specific fault codes, like for example airbag
  • Fault reports with all information always included

You can check in the lite version of the app how the full version will work. You get one fault report with all information free-of-charge. Here you can find more information about this.

You can now do in-depth diagnostics without the full version of the app as well.

The full version of the app includes a license for in-depth diagnostics for all models. All upcoming updates for an improvement of the diagnostics quality, all described functions like erasing faults, full text descriptions and unlimited fault reports are included.

In the full version of Carly for BMW we offer free-of-charge really helpful and detailed automotive manuals, e.g. on the subject of DPF or battery change.