You would like to know what Carly iDrive Codings are?

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The iDrive function will include the following functions:

iDrive Codings are part of the Full Version. We are very happy to be able to offer this function – which is very popular – to our users after more than 10 months of development.

Should you have any concrete ideas, what else could be possible with iDrive, please write an e-mail to our experts and make us a suggestion.

You find all currently possible iDrive codings here.

In the full version of Carly for BMW we offer free-of-charge really helpful and detailed automotive manuals, e.g. on the subject of DPF or battery change.

Please note that DVD in motion can only be performed, if your car is generally able to read/show movie DVDs (if you were able to watch DVDs in idle/standing mode, you will be able to code DVD in motion)