You would like to know what Carly Push is and what it can offer you?

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Carly Push notifications, in short Carly Push, is an unique function of Carly in form of a separate free-of-charge app for Android. It offers you the possibility to display information on your car dashboard as you wish. The app is free-of-charge and has to be used in combination with the pro version of the Carly apps, at first we offer it only for Mercedes.

We give you the possibility to display live-parameters of your car with Carly Push – like for example engine-temperature, live news, whatsapp messages, calender entries, stock prices, text messages and much more can be displayed on your car-dashboard automatically in turns. This way you can leave your smartphone in your jacket pocket and at the same time you can read incoming news and messages effortessly and comfortably while driving. Like this you aren’t distracted and at the same time you are connected to the outside world.

You will find a video regarding Carly Push here.