You have the lite version of the app and want a free-of-charge fault report: How does this work?

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If you are connected with the car using the lite version of the Carly app, you can use diagnostics. When diagnostics finds ECUs, which means that it was successful, then you can be sure of the compatibility of the full version of the app.

You should be able to request your free fault report after completing a whole diagnosis. To get your free fault report please press the Button “Show faults”. This will generate a pre-configuered E-Mail, please send this E-Mail as it is. After a short while you´ll get your free fault report.

The fault report has the same quality of a fault report you get when doing a diagnosis in a workshop and explains the fault codes and the related texts to you. Also it shows out the ECUs and categories.

This fault report from the lite version can be requested one time. To generate unlimited fault reports as pdf, clear faults and to see fault texts, you can buy the full version of the app.