Why is there a Generation 2 Adapter and why does the Generation 1 not support everything?

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Since we never know beforehand, how different options are to be realized, and also BMW and other brands are developing new functions and/or devices, we have to go with the requirement we meet while developing!

Therefore, the occasional upgrade/change in our hardware is a necessity we can´t really predict before developing a new function.


The generation 2 adapter supports the following IN ADDITION to Generation 1 (not available any more for BMW):

  • Adapter-Updates directly in the app for new functions
  • Coding for F-models
  • iDrive codings
  • DPF for selected engines

You get the generation 2 WIFI adapter here.


VAG (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda):

Only work with Generation 1 Adapter



Only works with Generation 2 Adapter due to complex communication (same as BMW Generation 2 Adapter)