Why do in-apps cost extra?

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The pro version of Carly for BMW consists of the main functions diagnostics, parameters and codings. All future general updates are free, for example, the F-Model Codings, additional engines, more parameters, better fault texts, faster diagnostic sessions, manuals, App-help etc etc etc.

Instead of making the pro version more expensive, we offer these special functions to our customers that want these in form of the in-apps. In comparison to doing it with the manufactorers you still save far more than 80% of the price. The secondary functions or in-apps are battery registration, diesel particulate filter (DPF) , service reset and iDrive codings.

These secondary functions are independent projects where development differs from everything else that we do. These functions were wishes of our customers, we have therefore devoted extra-resources to them (e.g. additional staff, know-how …).

In order to make such functions possible, we need financial minimum safety.

Now, there is the possibility to make the whole app more expensive (which is unfair to the customer in our opinion, because not all need these secondary functions) or the possibility of a small fee of up to 15 euros.

This is – in comparison to the conventional usage of these functions – very little. For example, it costs 80 € minimum at BMW to get a battery reset. Ours costs 10 € and in addition you can also change the battery type and save hundreds of Euros by buying non-manufacturer batteries on for example E-bay.

So therefore the in-apps make sense for our customers and us :).

We are no friends of rip-off! We only want to develop, what our customers want, but our resources are limited too.

We hope for your understanding.