Where do you plug the adapter in your BMW?

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There are two different OBD (on board diagnostics) plugs. These are the same sockets that a car repair shop uses.

  1. The newer models require the angular shaped connector, which is located in the vehicle interior.
  2. The older models like the E46, E38, E39, … may also have the older round plug under the hood.

During the transition there are also models which have both – meaning the angular shaped OBD in the interior and the round one under the hood. In this case the engine is most likely accessible via the angular shaped OBD in the interior, while the other ECUs are accessible via the round one. If you just have either one then all ECUs are of course accessible via this single plug. There are vehicles where you might get 7 ECUs via the interior plug – like the E39. The best is to simply just try it with the free app. And the app can read all the ECUs – even via the round OBD plug where you just need an adapter from round to angular shaped connected to our Carly Generation 2 Bluetooth or Wifi Adapter.


In both cases you find the right adapter in our webshop.

Just for your information: This is how an OBD socket looks like: