What is the difference of the Carly diagnostics in comparison to other existing apps?

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There are two fundamentally different ways of communication in a vehicle:
a) The superficial standard-OBD communication (only engine and transmission)
b) The detailed and a lot more extensive manufacturer-specific communication.

Read out manufacturer-specific fault messages (fault codes, ETCs) like a pro. Normally this is only possible with expensive professional equipment.
Only engine and transmission data can be read with standard-OBD communication. You could compare that to a mechanic just looking at a very small part of your car.

In comparison, you can read out ALL built-in electronic control units (ECUs) with the manufacturer-specific communication. Moreover the manufacturer-specific communication can change and control all details of the respective ECUs.

Normal OBD-adapters are only built for the superficial standard-OBD communication. Indeed some of these adapters support manufacturer-specific diagnostics of specific ECUs, but these adapters can’t support the more complex functions of the manufacturers.
Each manufacturer has its properties.

Only the Carly apps and Original Carly adapters are especially matched and optimized to the respective manufacturers. Therefore the more complex functions, such as particularly codings, reliable displaying of parameters, service reset, DPF, battery reset and the future functions of the apps, can only be done reliably with the Original Carly adapters.

Now you can perform detailed car diagnostics for just a fraction of the cost by yourself.

There are model-specific fault code descriptions displayed.

…and you can even clear the saved BMW-specific fault codes – not only the OBD codes!