How do you get a stable connection to your BMW?

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You can find connection videos here


To get a stable connection, please check this:

  • If you are using the Android bluetooth adapter deactivate the WiFi / If you are using the WiFi iPhone adapter deactivate the bluetooth
  • Deactivate energy saving or anti-virus software, while using the app
  • Restart the cell phone/tablet
  • Plug the adapter or the cable in the OBD socket
  • Switch the ignition on stage 2 or start the engine
  • Pair the cell phone/tablet with the Bluetooth or WiFi adapter in the cell phone settings (PIN for Bluetooth is 1234; no PIN necessary for WiFi); when using the USB-OTG cable the linking is not necessary
  • Start the app

Here you can see in a video, how to connect correctly:


Should you have connection problems, please check here first, if you have the right adapter for your car.

Please check, using one of the following link to see what you should do, if you have connection problems:

  1. Check here, if you use the Android USB package for BMW.
  2. Check here, if you use the Android Bluetooth adapter for BMW.
  3. Check here, if you use the iPhone/iPad WiFi adapter for BMW.

If you still can’t generate a stabile connection, please send a session log from the settings menu of the app with the regard “connection problems with WiFi iPhone- / bluetooth – / USB-OTG cable-adapter”. Here you can see how you can send a session log.

JB4: Please disable the JB4 tuner in order to connect with the app. Alternatively you can select Map 0 Bypass Mode.

For all further questions, please contact us using our contact form with the remark that you didn’t find a fitting answer on our support page.