What can you do, if you have connection problems with the WiFi adapter?

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According to our experience all supported models starting with built year 2005 can be connected with the new Carly WIFI adapter generation 2.

This is very uncomplicated and should work without problems. With non-Carly adapters there can be connection problems or aborts every once in a while.

Here you find the right adapter in our webshop.

If you still can’t generate a connection, please try the following:

  1. Deinstall the Carly-app
  2. Restart the iPhone/iPad
  3. Install the Carly-app anew from the AppStore
  4. Plug the WIFI adapter in
  5. Leave the engine running
  6. Pair the WIFI adapter to the car – WiFi network “ivini-apps” or “Carly adapter” (no PIN necessary)
  7. Switch the bluetooth off to get a more stable connection, if it is currently active

If the successful connection is still not possible with the Carly adapter after the execution of the steps above, we need the following information and a session log from you:

  1. Did you try to restart the iPhone/iPad and to unplug and plug the adapter in again? → Do the adapter lights show at all?
  2. Did the iPhone/iPad find “ivini-apps” in the WiFi connections?
  3. Did you already try to get a connection with another iPhone/iPad?
  4. Was the engine running, while you tried to establish a connection?
  5. Did you already try to deinstall the app completely and reinstall it?

Here you can see how to send a session log.