What can you do, if you have connection problems with the USB-OTG cable?

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Only in very rare cases the cable is faulty – in 99,9% of all cases the problem is with the usb-otg drivers on the phone
The app is 100% working OK – the problem is either the usb-otg drivers (missing or not OK anymore) – or in very rare cases the cable

According to our experience all supported models up to the end of 2006 can be connected with the USB-OTG cable.

First you should check, if your cell phone/tablet is technically possible to create an USB-OTG or USB-host connection.
You can make sure by checking the manual of the cell phone/tablet, the manufacturer website or on www.gsmarena.com or alternatively on www.inside-handy.de. The feature “USB-OTG/USB-host” should be listed in the technical data or configuration detail. If an usb memory stick is recognized that doesn’t mean that USB-OTG is available.

Therefore please check on one of the websites, if USB-OTG is fully supported – you can only be sure, if the the original and newest Android system is installed (modified „custom rom“ Android systems support USB-OTG not always).

Without these equipment features a connection with the USB-OTG adapter cable is not possible!

If the terminal device supports „USB-OTG/USB-host“, you should deactivate all „security“- or „energy-saving“-apps (for example virus scanner, firewalls, port blocker etc.). Moreover in most cases it is better to start the engine to get a good connection.

If you still can’t generate a connection, please try the following:

  1. Deinstall the Carly-app
  2. Start the cell phone/tablet again
  3. Install the Carly-app anew from the Google PlayStore
  4. Connect the adapter / the cable
  5. Leave the engine running
  6. Start the app new

If you still can’t generate a connection, the problem can only be one of the following things:

  1. The Android system doesn’t support USB-OTG, because there is a problem with the USB driver units on the cell phone/tablet
  2. One of the cables is not an original cable from us or has a technical problem

Before we exchange the cable we have to be sure that the Android system of the call phone/tablet is ok. If not it doesn’t help to exchange the cable anyways.

Mostly the only thing that helps in these cases is to restore the factory settings to correct the USB driver units. Moreover it is a good idea to try the connection with another cell phone/tablet that supports USB-OTG certainly.
Extended assistance:
If the successful connection is still not possible with the Carly adapter after the execution of the steps above, we need the following information and a session log from you:

  1. Which BMW model are you trying to connect (model, built year, month, pre- or after-facelift)?
  2. If the built year is in the end of 2007 there are a few cases where you have to use the bluetooth adapter and the USB-OTG cable won’t work. Unfortunately this is only possible to find out by trying to connect with a Bluetooth adapter.
  3. Did you really check all of the described steps?
  • Can your car (model/built year) generally use USB-OTG?
  • Do you use our original cable?
  • Does your cell phone/tablet support USB-OTG fully according to the websites above?
  • Do you have the newest and original Android systems installed?
  • Did you deactivate all antivirus- or energy-saving-apps?
  • Did you restart your cell phone/tablet and reinstall the app completely new?
  • Did you try to connect with another cell phone/tablet?
  • Did you restore the factory settings of the cell phone/tablet?

4. Did the connection with the adapter ever work before?

5. Was a new version of the software for the ECUs installed in the car in the meantime?

This can lead to not finding some of the ECUs anymore, but the majority of the other ECUs still has to be found!


Here you can see how to send a session log.