What can you do, if you have connection problems with the Mercedes bluetooth adapter?

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According to our experience all supported models starting with built year 2005 can be connected with the Bluetooth adapter.

This is very uncomplicated and should work without problems. With non-Carly adapters there can be connection problems or aborts every once in a while.

The Carly bluetooth adapter for Mercedes is especially optimized for the communication with Mercedes. You just have to plug it in the OBD socket of the car and pair it with the cell phone/tablet.

Here you find the right adapter in our webshop.

If you still can’t generate a connection, please try the following:

  1. Deinstall the Carly-app
  2. Restart the cell phone/tablet
  3. Install the Carly-app anew from the Google PlayStore
  4. Plug the bluetooth adapter in
  5. Leave the engine running
  6. Pair the bluetooth adapter to the car using the PIN 1234
  7. Start the app new

If you still can’t generate a connection, the problem can only be one of the following things:

  1. For some reason the Bluetooth in your car is faulty
  2. The Bluetooth adapter is not an original adapter from us or has a technical problem

Before we exchange the Bluetooth adapter we have to be sure that the Android system of the phone/tablet is ok. If not it doesn’t help to exchange the adapter anyways.

Mostly it helps to install another free-of-charge OBD app, to plug the bluetooth adapter in the car, restart the cell phone/tablet, connect with the bluetooth adapter and try to connect with the test app.

If the successful connection is still not possible with the Carly adapter after the execution of the steps above, we need the following information and a session log from you:

  1. Which Mercedes model do you have?
  2. Which built year is the Mercedes?
  3. Did the engine run during the test?
  4. Is it our original bluetooth adapter?
  5. Does your Android phone/tablet find the adapter “ivini-apps” or “Carly adapter” via bluetooth?
  6. Did you pair the adapter in the bluetooth settings (pin code: 1234)?
  7. Which Android phone/tablet do you use?
  8. Do you have any AntiVir or energy saving app installed?
  9. Did you restart the phone/tablet before trying to connect?
  10. Do you have another phone/tablet to test with?
  11. Do you have the possibility to try to connect with another car?
  12. Did you try a factory reset already?


Here you can see how to send a session log.