You want to know how the Carly electric parking brake works, in detail?

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To be able to perform workings on the brake system (for example, Replacement of the brake pads), it is necessary to set the servo motors of the brake system in the workshop mode, first.

This Step is imperative, the brake pistons should never be set back by brute force.

In order to avoid damage to the vehicle, apart from existing risk of injury.

Furthermore, it is sufficient to keep distance, during opening or closing the electric parking brake.
Please note that, if the electric parking brake has been set into workshop mode, once, there is no longer any pinch protection.

To find out if your car is actually compatible with the Carly Brake Control, just press the “Check” Button, inside the electr. Parking brake function. After that the App will read all necessary data from the corresponding control unit, and you can freely release the parking brake and of course close again.