You get the message that certain codings only work with an Original Carly for BMW adapter: What can you do?

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The communication for coding with the selected ECU is too complex for the used adapter. Therefore no stable, secure communication could be established.

The following ECUs often have a more complex communication for coding. In order to code these modules you need an original Carly for BMW adapter:

  • CIC*/CCC*: iDrive (Video in motion)
  • CSM: Seat belt (Crash-security-module)
  • CTM: Cabrio module
  • DWA: Anti-theft alarm system
  • DWAS: Anti-theft alarm system – siren
  • FZD: Anti-theft alarm system (Function center roof)
  • FTM/BTM: Driver mirror (Driver door module)
  • HKL: Tail gate module
  • HUD: Head-Up Display
  • JBBF: Windscreen wipers (Junction-Box-Passenger)
  • KGM*: Mirrors (Body module)
  • SPEG: Windscreen wipers and engine start stop (Smart power electronics gateway)

*needs Carly for BMW Generation 2 adapter

You can check which codings are affected by this here for your car.