The app crashes, what can you do?

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Your app crashed and you don´t know what to do? With our new “crash logging” function we can give you customized advice and fast help!

Your advantage: with this log we virtually are in your car and can track down the source of this crash. This way we will be able to find and solve problems faster!

Just follow these easy steps:

Please select: Cockpit — Support — Crash Logging. Now insert your email address and save. At the next crash, the app will send us a log right away!

If your app should crash for the first time, next time you start it,  you will be asked to insert your email address. This way we will receive your crash log. Of course, you can also decline this service!

To deactivate Crash Logging, please select Stop Logging in the Support.


Crash Logging is automatically activated for Digital Garage users.

Please note: “crash logging” is currently only available for Carly for BMW with Android. Don´t worry, we are already working on implementing iOS and other brands!