A specific module is not available for coding?

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Please try the following:

  • Make sure that the module you are looking for is listed as available for your model and build year. The module is mentioned as ‘codable in…’ behind each coding here.
  • Connect with the vehicle, switch to coding then check coding compatibility. If you receive an error, no modules are listed or all listed modules are greyed out, then you may have a connection issue. Check here how to get a stable connection.
  • If you can access other modules and the specific module you are trying to access is greyed out, please refer to the info text next to it directly in the App. Most likely the module received a software update at the shop and is currently not codable.
  • If a module is not listed at all, but other modules are accessible, there can be two reasons:
    • The module is not built into your vehicle
    • The module is built in, but not responding. This is sometimes the case with tuned or retrofitted modules.

If you are still unsure why your module is inaccessible, please read out your codable ECUs with the app and send us a session log with the following info:

  • Have you been able to establish a stable connection? Try a diagnostic to make sure.
  • Is the module you are trying to access greyed out or not listed at all?
  • What text is displayed next to the inaccessible ECU if it is greyed out?
  • Which other modules are accessible to you?

Please check here how to send a session log.