Informationen for Pro Version Users (“Old Version”)

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You can find all information about your migration to the new version here.

Specially, when and how the migration will take place – as well as why you’re in for a big treat as an existing user of Carly!

In App Purchases are still possible in the Pro Version (‘Old Version’). Should you need an In-App function right now we recommend a purchase inside the Pro Version (‘Old Version’). Since all In-Apps functions will be added for free with the migration to Full-Version, you have a big advantage here.
Yes, the Pro Version (‘Old Version’) will continue to exist. We will definitely not turn off the Pro Version – as long as you haven’t upgraded to the new Full-Version.

So, don’t worry! There’s only advantages for you here :)

You have purchased the Pro Version (‘Old Version’) after the deadline for Android / iPhone? We’re sorry then, we cannot offer you an upgrade any more and recommend to you the purchase of the new version.

We would like to point out that starting from the exact day of the deadline we were very transparend and clear about the Pro Version (‘Old Version’). We explicitely recommended not to buy the old version. This was obvious on every app download page as well as our homepage.

The purchase of the Pro-Version (‘Old Version’) is not transferable to another operating system (e.g. from Android to iPhone). Also, the migration can only be done within one operating system.
This function will remain in the Pro Version (‘Old Version’). Should you encounter any problems here, please turn to
We cannot plan this or say this for sure at this time. In case this should happen we can say that a migration will look very similar.