Parameters for your VAG model are not yet supported?

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If Carly for VAG reports that your model has not yet been supported or built into the app, you can send us a session log with the text “Not supported Model for Parameter”. Please follow the steps 1 to 7 on the bottom of this text.

As soon as we receive this information, we try to implement your model/engine into the next version of the app.

I certain cases the engine and parameters are even already in the app. However for some reason the parameters are not working in your specific case.

Please do the following to help resolving that issue:

  1. Start the engine of your car
  2. Connect the adapter to the car and mobile phone and then start the app
  3. Press “connect” and once your model is recognized go to the parameter screen
    1. Should the engine not be in the app yet, then you cannot select any parameter and continue with step 6
    2. Otherwise if the engine has been recognized please continue with step 4
  4. (Android) Go back to Home Screen and wait for ca. 1 minute
    (iPhone) There just select the engine speed parameter as the only one
  5. (Android) The gauge on the Home Screen should move according to your engine speed
    (iPhone) Now press “start monitoring” and wait for about 1 minute. The app should now display the value
  6. Should the app not display any value or should the engine not be in the app at all (coming from step 3.ii) please go to “Settings” tab in the app and press “send session log” now. Please write a short comment to the email “no parameters works, check parameters” if the engine has been recognized but the params do not work
  7. After you’ve sent us your log, we’ll work on integrating your model/engine into the app. Since there are a lot of customers sending us such requests, it might take a few months for us to complete your engine. You will be able to use the parameter function in a future update.