The parameters show ridiculous values or you do not know what the parameters mean?

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If you see values for your selected parameters that appear implausible, be sure to check first if there are any best alternative parameters in the list that can help you.

If you cannot find any working alternative, we need a session log with only parameter monitoring. For that please start the app normally and immediately go to the parameters after the connection has been established. Now select ONLY the engine speed to be the only parameter for monitoring. Press monitoring and wait about 30 secs. Now go to the settings screen in the app and press “send session log” – with a short comment “no plausible param values”.

Many of the parameters are used for internal calculations in the car and show therefore ridiculous values.
We are very happy that we can see so many parameters. With a lot of help of our customers and a lot of internet research we could managed to get this far.