The parameters do not work or no values ​​are displayed?

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It is important for the manufacturer-specific parameter that the engine is detected 
or you can manually select the engine. Because of this please check:

Connected and engine recognized by app

If the engine has been identified by the app, it will be displayed as here:

For the parameters it looks like shown in the following picture. 
This means that NOT the first engine in the list was selected, but the one found was selected. 
In the picture as example CR6EU5.


Connected, but engine not recognized by app

If the app can only connect without identifying the engine it looks like this:

Inside the Parameters it looks like this:
This means that you will always see the first one in the list ".new CDI3" 
(which comes of course, even if it had been identified by the app, 
but then just after the connection engine found as above)

Now you can easily select the engine manually:

We try to make the identification automatic if possible. This is not always possible.

So please always manually select the appropriate own engine inside the app, 
in case the app should not have recognized the engine automatically correct.