What is the OBD-parameter function?

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In the newest pro version of Carly for Mercedes we can offer you the OBD function in the cockpit additionally. It includes the following:

  1. Please select the OBD button in the cockpit to be able to read out the OBD-parameters. The app reads out all supported parameters directly from the engine itself. This should now work for almost all engine types. Should you still have problems, please send us a session log from it directly from the app with a short notice „OBD params don’t work“. Here you can see how to send a session log.
  1. If you want, you can additionally try, if your engine is also included in the manufacturer-specific parameters. For this we implemented a lot of parameters from Mercedes data. Unfortunately these aren’t always 100% reliable. To do this, please select the parameter tile in the cockpit – not through the OBD tile, select the parameter tile directly from the cockpit.