You are looking for a specific coding in the app but can’t find it?

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  • First check if the coding you are looking for is compatible with your model. Also take note of which module the coding is available in. This is written behind each coding as ‘codable in…’ here.
  • If you cannot access the module that contains the coding you are looking for, check here.
  • Some codings depend on the build year and might therefore be unavailable in your car.*
  • If you had access to this coding previously, but can’t find it now, please check here.
  • Here you can see which codings we are currently working on.


*If a car supports a specific coding function unfortunately depends on many factors:

  • Production year of the vehicle
  • Software version of the control unit
  • Hardware version of the control unit
  • Type variant
  • Individual
  • Individual Setup
  • Free of faults (perform a diagnostic)