You would like to know what the Transmission Function is and how it can help you?

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Carly Automatic Transmission Function:

  • Check the adaptation status of your transmission.
  • Reset the learned values from your automatic transmission and start a new learning process by pressing one button.
  • Observe the most important parameters and reset the learned values of the automatic transmission! (available in a later App update)

Your automatic transmission continuously learns about your current driving behavior.

Sometimes however, this continuous adaptation is not enough and you want to reset all previously stored values.

That’s what we have developed our automatic transmission function for.

The ECU will save parameters (e.g. switching times). Because of these parameters the ECU will decide, if it should switch the gears faster by low revs, or later by high revs, …

All these so-called learning values are stored in the control unit and also called up for the various driving modes (ECO, Comfort, Sport, …)

With our automatic transmission function, you have the opportunity to reset these learning values directly at the push of a button. This button push will completely readjust the transmission to your own driving style.

If you have purchased a used car, you can now adapt your gearbox fast to your own driving behavior. You can also change the optimal adaption values for winter or summer.

If you want to retrofit some extra functions like a trailer hitch or switching paddles, it is also recommended to reset your transmissions adaptations.