You would like to know what the NOX function is and how it can help you?

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Nox Catalyst – Regenerate your NOX with a button press!

  • Regenerate your NOX with a button press
  • Live-Monitor your NOX and track the regeneration in real-time
  • Record the data and send it by mail, e.g. for PC-analysis

The NOX function is part of the full version.

Often your diesel engine cannot regenerate itself. This can cause critical consequences, which are very expensive.

The reason why a filter cannot regenerate itself is almost always the same: on short trips the required temperature for burning is not reached. The sulfur mass in the NOX catalyst increases and the filter cannot .

Above a certain amount of ashes the filter cannot regenerate itself.
The backpressure of the exhaust system increases and disrupts the car; the car accelerates very badly and has increased fuel consumption. The ash in the filter keeps almost all the exhaust gases back.

The engine electronics (ECU) detects this condition to intervene protectively. The emergency program is executed and warning lights on the dashboard appear. At this point you have to go to a specialist to change the filter. The dealer will be happy to install a new NOX catalyst in your car. This involves considerable costs – usually a filter replacement costs about 2.000 to 3.000 euros.

For that you should intervene early and regenerate your NOX by yourself.

The capacity to store nitrogen oxids in your NOX catalyst is limited. If the capacity of your catalyst is reached, it is not possible to store more nitrogen oxids in the catalyst. The engine ECU will calculate the loading status of the catalyst by certain parameters, e.g. the driving profile, temperature of the catalyst, and the messured values from the NOX-sensor. As soon as the catalyst has reached its maximum ammount of nitrogen oxids the ECU will start the regeneration. For this the ECU will set the engine operation mode to rich mixture (lambda = 0.8)