You would like to know more about mechanical over revs and the other data, that the Porsche Car Check reads out?

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This is a short explanation of values that might be showed to you. We have the same information inside the app, when you click on a value in Car Check.

This is the identification number of your car. Please compare it with the FIN shown on your car. Should they not be the same, it could be that your car identification number was manipulated. This happens with stolen car for example.

KM/Kilometer data:
This is the mileage data in kilometers of your car. The next step is to compare it to the value shown on your car. Should they not be the same/similar, it could be that your car’s kilometers were manipulated. This happens when a car with less than actual kilometers was bought.

Mechanical Overrefs:
Cars need a rev limiter because it prevents the engine from operating above a pre-determined RPM level known as the redline. If an engine goes over the redline, commonly called “Over-Revving”, damage to the engine and valve train may occur because it can cause the valve to stay open longer than usual. Valve float can possibly result in loss of compression, misfire, or a valve and piston contacting each other. Over Revs in high ranges (range 4,5,6 for Porsche with 6 ranges and range 2 for Porsche with 2 ranges) are especially critical, you can read about the in our Used Porsche manual. You can find this after clicking more info here.

This is the lifetime data in hours of your car. Divide your KM-data by your lifetime data and see what the average speed of your car has been up to now. Values between 30 and 60 km/h are in average range. If you have much less, then again it could mean, that your car was manipulated, especially your KM-data.