You would like to know what the electric parking brake is?

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In addition to an electronic parking brake, many modern vehicles naturally also have a brake wear sensor, which informs the driver about the wear point of the break pads.

If this point is reached, it is necessary to renew the brake pads. However, newer models have electric actuators on the rear axle, these actuators belong to the electric parking brake.

To be able to carry out work on the brake system of these models, the electrical servomotors must be set into workshop mode, first.
With Carly, you have the opportunity to set the electric parking brake into the workshop mode and of course set back into operation, also.

With the Carly electric parking brake control you are able to:

  • put your electric parking brake into the maintenance mode, on your own!
  • Carry out maintenance and repair work on your brake system yourself.
  • Do a function test by manually opening and closing the parking brake.