Background story of Carly for Porsche Car Check / How we lost more than 10-thousand Euros?

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This should never happen to anyone again, not to our customers, not to us …

This is the story of Carly for Porsche Car Check:

We bought a Porsche 911-series 997 (pre facelift) – wrongly thinking we know what we are doing, since we work with cars all day. We originally intended to build a diagnostics app for Porsche since we had requests from customers of the other apps.

This is how the car looked back when we bought it:

2015-07-17 14.58.01-1

This is how it looked when we realized that we bought a damaged car a few months ago:

2016-02-22 12.25.54

What happened:

The Porsche looked great from the outside and inside. Our mechanic checked the paint with a paint gauge, had an intense look at the brakes, the tires, the interior and even visited a repair shop with a professional diagnostic tool to read out faults. Naturally, we took it for a spin and tested for a bad clutch. The result was positive, this car is a great bargain. We bought it.

After several months of some driving and a lot of developing we were on the highway one night,
when smoke came out of the Porsche’s engine, oil leaked trough the body, the engine turned itself off and would not turn on again. This happened while we were driving with more than 100 mph, we were lucky nothing happened to ourselves or or other drivers that night. Apart from the engine failure, which cost us more than 10-thousand Euros, the immense stress and time we spent to organize the transport and repair etc …. we were lucky.

We told our most engaged Porsche beta tester – who owns a garage – about this incident, so he knows that Porsche diagnostics will not be available anytime soon. He visited us and read out the engine data with his super complex professional engine tool and a special notebook PC, looked at us and said:

“Why didn’t you read out the Over Revs on this car before buying? It has a high over rev count in range 4, 5 and even 6. You should never have bought this car. This was obvious from the beginning. The owner before you was not an experienced driver.”

At that time I had no idea whatsoever about over revs and the possibility of knowing about potential engine failures in advance, but I was certain, that Porsche buyers and sellers need an easy one-click solution that prevents this from happening again.

So I set out to develop a car check for Porsche engines