FAQ Tuning

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Here are the most frequent questions for our tuning.

You’ll find the manual here.

Yes, you can install your back up anytime and it will take approx. 10 minutes. The process is same as the tuning in the Carly-Tuning-App.

We have tuned and tested considerably more than 100 times and have not reached any limit yet.

EA tuning will be created by our experts individually for each specific car and is valid only for the same.
As well as you are purchasing a tuning licence for single car only. For each car you need another tuning licence.

Even if you have cars with the same performance characteristics, they still will be different, e.g. different software versions, saved performance date of sensors, different sensors or other slight hardware changes. That is why we set up individual tuning maps per car only.

For all supported engines you will need an Android cell phone/tablet with full USB-OTG support and our free Carly-Tuning-App.
To write the tuning maps you will have to use our “Carly Tuning cable”. This cable offers the full functionality required to write the tuning map faultless and in a solid quality on the electronical control unit (ECU). For reading the ECU and checking compatibility the normal Carly-USB-cable may be used.
Internet connection is required for writing the tuning map.
Because of the required cable connection you can not use Apple IPhones for tunings currently.

Internet connection is required for writing the tuning map (mobile Data – minimum 3G, throttled connection not recommended), as well as for upload and download the tuning map…

While tuning the adaptation values the electronical control unit (ECU) will be erased (you can back it up anytime you wish).  Hence the ECU must get used a couple of days and fit the new adaption values.

Optionally we offer deregulation of speed limitation, please ask for the full tuning package.

The Battery voltage have to be enough and should have buffer. In other words if you are aware of a weak/old battery you should replace it generally to avoid and guard against electronic problems.

Battery voltage “ignition on” should be nominal 12V, some more buffer recommended. In doubt or if you can not replace a weak/old battery you should use an appropriate charger. Fully charge the battery first then you can tune. Appropriate charger means to use a charger supporting your battery model (e.g. “AGM/VRLA”) explicit. Furthermore only qualitative as well as automatic charges should be used.

Read and write will take each 5-10minutes (depending on cell phone/tablet, new devices are significantly quicker). Mobile internet got only little influence.

A detailed manual you please find here: Manual Carly Tuning

No, a normal manner of driving and an orderly use of the vehicle assumed. If you use the increased performance permanently the wearing will increase as well. Compliance with the regulations of the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. “warm-up”) as well as the service or maintenance intervals is, of course, essential!
If the vehicle already has worn out components, they can be further stressed by the tuning and possibly worn earlier (automatic transmission, transmission …)

Please install the Carly-Tuning-App and we are sending you a detailed offer.

Please no biodiesel
It is recommended to use Ultimate Diesel (less soot, can be better implemented …)
Through the tuning, the potential of the better diesel can be converted into additional power
Without problems the normal diesel can be used as before.

Faults in the drive train must be remedied and eliminated, defective components must be repaired before tuning.

As in the case of many structural changes to a vehicle, chip tuning requires a reduction of the change by an officially recognized expert or auditor such as TÜV or DEKRA and a corresponding change to the approval certificate Part I and II, as otherwise the vehicle ‘s operating license expires and it can no longer be moved in the public transport area. For example, vehicle with modified engine control software may already be included in an exhaust measurement that is part of the main inspection. If there is no entry pursuant to § 21 StVZO, the license expires immediately. Driving without a license is a violation of the law and is punished with fine and points in Flensburg. The continuation can be prohibited. Insurance cover can also be extinguished by inadmissible and not accepted modifications to the vehicle. Therefore, it should be checked before each design change whether an acceptance is necessary. Even in the case of chip tuning which has been duly registered and registered in accordance with the StVZO, the manufacturing guarantee shall be extinguished on the (new) vehicle with the unauthorized modification of the vehicle by the manufacturer. The manufacturer can not, however, reject the warranty claim of the customer if parts are defective, which have nothing to do with the tuning. Thus, a manufacturer can refuse to regulate a damage to the engine for a tuned car, but not to repair a defective window lifter.
Our tuning is only for closed roads e.g. racetrack. You can return to the original map at any time.

The Contractor expressly reminds the client that the modifications to be made during the optimization can not be ruled out, even if all due diligence requirements are met, that malfunctions can occur during operation of the engine due to the complexity of the system during and after optimization can. A total failure of the motor is also conceivable. In the knowledge of this note, the client expressly waives any liability or warranty claims against the contractor arising therefrom due to damage to the above. Vehicle and resulting consequential damages and shall release the contractor from any third party claims for damages.

If you use the additional power if full you will additional consumption.
If the driving mode is the same, nothing changes, and even less fuel is needed.
On the contrary, in many cases, our customers report that they consume even less, after the tuning, with appropriate driving conditions. Due to the increased torque, it is possible to shift earlier to a higher gear at lower speeds. This saves money!

The particle filter function is maintained.
If there are increased emissions there is possibly a bigger wear/load.

simply install the app and check with the app. The vehicle model to be tested is identified either by entering the TSN or via a manual vehicle selection in the app. No Carly tuning cable is needed to check if the vehicle can be tuned by the app