What else is important when buying a used VAG?

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In addition to using Carly’s Car Check feature to dig deeper into the electronics of the car you have your eyes on, Carly also offers other function that can provide valueable insights before purchase:

  • Diagnostics: See if the car has any faults that might be critical. Ask for a test drive after clearing the faults and check which faults come back.
  • Parameters: If you are proficient with cars, there are loads of parameters that give you very deep insight about the car’s several parts.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter: If you are looking to buy a diesel VAG, check with this feature if it can be regenerated and what the current ash/soot mass is. A filter can cost up to € 3.000, so be aware of critical values.

Also, there are great comprehensive lists on the internet that help you with anything else, non electronics based mostly.