A coding has disappeared since the last update?

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Our Carly Apps are continuously being worked on and thanks to the immense constructive feedback from our customers, we are able to incorporate frequent updates with lots of cool features on a regular basis.

We never remove any working functions from the App. We only add to it and improve reliability of previously offered functionality.

If you are looking for a feature that used to work for you, please check the following:

  • Make sure that your App is activated after a reinstall. On Android this happens automatically and you can check in the Licenses screen. On iPhone, you need to hit the restore button inside the App.
  • Make certain you are trying the function with the exact same vehicle and adapter as you were using when it last worked for you. Having the same model and build year only can still mean a difference in options, due to module software versions.
  • If your car was at the shop in the meantime, you may have received a software update in your modules. This affects the possible functionalities, especially coding.

If you are certain that none of the above apply to your case, please try accessing the function again, then send us a session log history with the following info:

  • Which function are you missing that was previously available?
  • Approximately when do you remember using this function last and with which app version.
  • Are you using the exact same car as before?
  • Did you use the same adapter both times?
  • Was your car at a carshop between then and now?