Carly for BMW Coding Recipes and Tips

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Carly for BMW informs you when a coding completed successfully.
Successful means that the coding was placed correctly in the control unit. The app checks this after a successful writing.

The requirement for a successful coding to show its effect is normally found in the coding description within the app.

If you don’t see any effect after a successful coding, it has one of the following reasons:

Please try the following codings:

  • Daytime running light 1/2 and 2/2
  • Customization US or EU
  • Angel Eyes On
  • Angel Eyes Brightness to bright

Test by turning the dial for the lights to 0 and checking if the angel eyes are on.

Compatible with: 1 series E8x, 3 series E9x, X1 E84, Z4 E89, X5 E70, X6 E71

Codings in FRM:

  • Mirror tilt 1/2 and 2/ to active
  • Comfort folding for sideview mirrors to active

Codings in CAS:

  • Comfort open using remote to active
  • Comfort close using remote to active
  • Comfort close – door (comfort access) to active
  • Comfort folding for sideview mirrors to active
  • Comfort closing delay (mirrors) to 0 sec

Compatible with E89 and E7x

  • Sidemarker (US) to active
  • Sidemarker (US) brightness to high

This coding leads to permanently dimmed turn signals. This is seen as a malfunction in EU vehicles. If you are experiencing issues, please code the following:

  • Turn signals front voltage monit. 1/2 and 2/2 to active
  • Turn signals front warning to active

Try setting a different voltage monitoring to inactive.
Especially for the tail lights the wiring seems to be a bit ambigous from model to model.

In addition to the voltage monitoring, some models have the option of coding the warnings for the lights to inactive.
Try this as well.

For these to work, you need to activate more than one coding.
Please make sure you have coded the feature to active and additionally coded the lights for this feature to active.

For some models, it is also possible to increase the brightness of the lights.