Can laymen install it too?

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Definitely yes – that was our objective. The hardware is higher quality than the one from some other manufacturers, but the true value of our product is the step by step installation guide with pictures. You can really do each step according to the guide and the cables you will see look exactly the same as the ones in the installation guide.


The installation was tested in our team from members that aren’t as car-oriented as others and even the little brothers of some of the co-founders tried it and everybody could do it without problems.


Moreover, you can always contact our support, if you have questions.


I can assure you that you only need very simple tools.

Basic and very simple “soldering skills” are beneficial, but not mandatory.

On the other hand, there is, thanks to the detailed instructions in doubt certainly a friend or family member, who can assist you.

The installation takes on average only between 30 minutes (for experienced persons or “pros”) and 60 minutes (for more inexperienced persons or “beginners”).