The App is showing you an error during coding?

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Please try the following:

  • First ensure that your vehicle is clear of all faults.
  • Try the coding again with a running engine.
  • In the settings screen, set the communication speed to slow and try the coding again with a running engine.
  • Try the coding with an original Carly for VAG adapter.
  • Only for Android: Reinstall the app and try again.

If you uninstall the app on iPhone, you will lose your coding backups! To send yourself a backup file of all your codings, go to the ‘More’ screen and press ‘Send Coding Backups’.

If this doesn’t work, please send us a session log from within the app with the following information:

  • Which coding in which ECU didn’t work?
  • When is which error message shown?
  • Was the engine running on your last attempt?
  • Are other codings working?
  • If so, which codings in which ECUs?