You already bought the NOX function and it doesn’t work: What can you do?

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Often the reason for a non working regeneration of the NOX catalyst is a defective NOX sensor, or special fault codes stored in the engine ECU. Please run a diagnostic session with Carly and clear the faults, in case you have them. Afterwards try to regenerate your NOX again.


Should you not be able to clear the faults, then please seek a local repair shop to investigate your diesel filter.

Please also ensure, that you checked these requirements as well:

  • Following the Carly for BMW Instructions during NOX Regeneration
  • 1/2 tank capacity
  • Wait a few days before you try to regenerate again

If you already purchased the NOX function and encounter problems, write us by using our contact form.

You can also send recordings directly from the NOX menu. These help with finding issues regarding NOX.

With Carly you can start this regeneration process by one button clik.