The Exhaust Flap Control function doesn’t work: What can you do?

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In some cases, the exhaust flap control might not work for your car, even though this function is displayed as compatible within the app. Very often this is due to the following causes:

  • The engine is not running:
    The exhaust flap control only works while the engine is running.
  • No exhaust flap is installed:
    Not every BMW model has an exhaust flap installed. Please make sure, that an exhaust flap is installed in your car. In order to check if you have an exhaust flap installed, simply check both of your exhaust pipes with a torch while the engine is running.
  • Current fault in the engine ECU:
    Please perform a diagnostic session and check if there are any faults currently present in the engine ECU (specifically faults regarding the exhaust flap).
  • Exhaust flap is blocked/bent:
    Sometimes the mechanism to open/close the exhaust flap can be rusty or even slightly bent. Under these circumstances the exhaust flap is mechanically blocked and cannot be controlled by the app. Please free the mechanism of dirt and rust and try again.
  • Control defective:
    In some cases the control itself for the exhaust flap can be defective. This might occur when the vacuum control has a leak or a cable break is present.